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Bella Moss Foundation at No.10

Jill Moss and Mark Dosher of the Bella Moss Foundation pictured at Crufts earlier this year.

JILL MOSS, President and Founder of The Bella Moss Foundation, accompanied MRSA Action UK on Monday of this week (November 28) in delivering a petition to 10 Downing Street and then joined them in laying a wreath at Westminster Abbey to those who have died from the infection.

The invitation was made after MRSA Action UK leader, Moya Stevens, got in touch with the Foundation to discuss ways of raising awareness about issues relating to MRSA.

Jill Moss told OUR DOGS: "It was a very generous invitation and I felt honoured to be asked to join them in laying a wreath at Westminster Abbey. It was a powerful reminder to everyone that MRSA can have devastating consequences for everyone, and all who attended were deeply moved."

Although none of the group were able to present the petition to Prime Minister Tony Blair in person, there was considerable press coverage and Moss was able to speak about the common purpose that all the MRSA support and action groups share. Moss added: "I felt that raising awareness in all aspects of MRSA was more important than whether we are talking about animals or people. The aims we have are so similar that there is much we can learn from each other, and even though we may be addressing different areas, it’s important for us all to work cooperatively when we can."

After the ceremony at Westminster Abbey Jill Moss was able to spend time talking with Moya Stevens about the issues. "Even though MRSA Action UK focuses on human aspects of MRSA, they are incredibly supportive of the work of the Foundation," said Moss. "There is a lot we can learn from each other."

Moss said that the Bella Moss Foundation plans to launch its own petition on statutory veterinary regulation in the New Year. "There is a real need to take the issue forward," she said, "and I believe there is tremendous support among owners, as well as vets, to make regulatory issues clearer."