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KC pronounces on Scottish Dachshund Club debacle

THE AGM of the Scottish Dachshund Club was abandoned in June of this year when members queried several actions of the Committee.

The then committee, almost half of whom had been co-opted on after the 2004 AGM when the Secretary was ousted, had apparently not followed several of the constitutional requirements of election procedures.

Another allegedly unconstitutional move was made as none of the committee would retire and stand again for re-election.

According to the constitution one quarter of the 16-strong committee, those who have stood for longest, should retire annually on a rotational basis but are immediately eligible for re-election.

Notice of the AGM, though sent out 14 days prior, had allegedly not been received by several members which was understandably a point of concern as this had traditionally been a well respected and well established Breed Club in existence for over 100 years.

Not surprisingly the events attached the attention of Clarges Street and at its meeting on 11 October the General Committee considered the status of the club and issued the following directives:

a That no Open Show should be held by the club this year and the Scottish Kennel Club notified accordingly. The 2006 Championship Show licence would be held in abeyance until further consideration has taken place at the General Committee meeting on 22 November 2005.

b. That members must be allowed reasonable access to the membership list.

c. That the club is directed to complete its AGM business, with the correct committee election processes, and to submit Annual Returns, by 15 November 2005.

d. That a further review is undertaken on 22 November 2005.

e. That this advice is published for the information of those concerned.

At its meeting last week the General Committee gave further consideration to the status of the Scottish Dachshund Club and the following directives were issued:

a. That all members of the club are made fully aware of the previous General Committee directives by the club committee.

b.That the 1 April 2006 Championship show is allowed to proceed on the
condition that:

i. all Regulations regarding the organisation of a Championship Show are fully complied with;
ii. the club committee provides written assurance of its ability to hold a successful show, with a breakdown of show management personnel detailing their relevant experience;

iii. the club committee provides written assurance that it will work together with members to resolve the ongoing difficulties satisfactorily;

iv. the club committee provides a written undertaking to abide fully by the General Committee directives of 11 October and 22 November 2005.

c. That the club is required to submit a copy of its current membership list and copies of its general and committee meeting minutes until further notice (vide Regulation C4.a.(1)(c).)

d. That in the event of any further reported disharmony within the club, and/or breach, default or omission of any of the matters listed in paragraph b, a further review of the club‚s status will be made and these directives may consequently be subject to review. Furthermore, that the club is advised of the Kennel Club’s powers under Regulation C6.a to suspend or de-register a society at any time if, in the opinion of the General Committee, the society is in breach of any of the Kennel Club’s Rules or Regulations.

e. That all members of the club are made aware of further General Committee directives by the club committee.

f. That the Kennel Club issues a press release on the above directives.