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Silver Jubilee: The GSD (Alsatian) Club of the UK
Photo Special 2 - by Alan V Walker

The GSD (Alsatian) Club of the United Kingdom officials present at the show – Cup Steward Mrs Christine Guthrie, Vice Chairman John Lyon, Secretary Julie Hassall & Chairman Roy Brandon

Winner of Junior bitch was Mr & Mrs A D Carpenter’s Forgedoak Miss Marple

Winner of Novice Dog was Mr & Mrs J Leadbetter’s Lornaville Sea Pearl

The celebratory 25th Anniversary cake being cut jointly by Dog Judge Dr M Boggia Black, the Bitch judge Mrs C Bampton and the club’s chairman Mr Roy Brandon

Winner of Yearling Bitch was Miss C Nolcini’s Molmacdon Moonlight Bay

Winner of Junior Dog was Miss K Waite’s Jojoba Bonsai

Winner of Post Graduate Bitch was Mr M Pucknell’s Norwulf Gold Lilly at Nellinka

Winner of Veteran Dog was Mr W Bedford’s Ch Overend Commander at Lorrainford

Winner of Post Graduate Dog was Mr & Mrs R W Baker’s Martinez Amadaeus