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Silver Jubilee: The GSD (Alsatian) Club of the UK
Judges Reports


It is always both a pleasure as well as a privilege to judge a Club Show. The happy sporting atmosphere at this well run show was what we all should be aiming for. Temperament was excellent and almost all showed to perfection. The dogs alert and interested, did not need outside attraction they just stood moved and showed to the manner born - a great credit to the work and expertise put in by their handlers at home.

The line-up for the dog challenge was lovely and it was great to have enough good dogs to be able to finish up with a really typey line-up. The show management gave their members a well run show with great attention to detail from their immaculately turned out stewards to a first class dinner in the evening to round off a super day to commemorate the club’s 25th anniversary.

Puppy Dog 1st Collison’s and Getlateley’s Lornaville Black Pearl. A superb puppy dog, lovely head and expression super neck and correct front assembly, beautiful topline croup and turn of stifle - good body for age and nice short strong loin moved soundly and with drive. Went on to Best Puppy in Show. 2nd Ager’s Linsdown Certo Ceto another nice quality puppy lovely head front and feet, excellent body and rear angulation, a lovely mover just preferred the neck and presence of first on the day, but this can come. 3rd Brook’s Penwartha Christmas Spark at Ridgebrook.

Junior Dog 1st Waite’s Jojoba Bonsail very much liked this dog, slightly apprehensive at first due I was given to understand by rough treatment in the ring but with another handler soon settled. Nice head and expression lovely topline and hindquarters - lovely bone and feet moved well from all angles. 2nd Kingswood and Gallacher’s Lornaville Motivator of Shaquile - a most attractive dog with a super front assembly, topline, body and bone. Would like to see him just a shade shorter in loin and with better feet, needs to settle better in ring - just needs time.

Novice Dog 1st Leadbetter’s Lornaville Sea Pearl very nice head and expression good front assembly and neck, excellent body and turn of stifle, inclined to loose his topline on the move, needs slightly better feet.

Yearling Dog 1st Strange’s Alkarahs All American With Strco (Imp/USA). Pleasing head and expression, excellent neck, well placed shoulders, would like to see him just a shade shorter in loin. Good hindquarters bone and feet - just needs time to settle into ring and firm up generally which he still has plenty of time to do. 2nd Forman’s Suzdans Spirirts Usgerblue Good head lovely bone and feet - good spring and depth of rib - lovely hindquarters - lost his topline slightly on the move.

Postgraduate Dog 1st Baker’s Martinez Amadeus. Pleasing head and expression lovely front and feet, excellent body and topline, good short strong loin, excellent croup and turn of stifle very sound mover from every angle. 2nd Blow and Allen’s Jojoba Alledged. A lovely dog that did his best to throw away his chances - very restless and unsettled in the ring, needs to settle down. 3rd Corbett’s Holybett Golden Surf.

Limit Dog 1st Leadbetter’s Lornaville Moscow Flyer. Good head pleasing front assembly, excellent body and pleasing topline which he kept on the move, correct croup and the best of hindquarters - very sound mover. I feel a slightly richer gold would add to his attraction. 2nd Forman’s Suzdans Vision In Blue. A good masculine typey dog, with a really good neck and shoulders super spring of rib and good depth of chest pleasing turn of stifle - just slightly overdone in length of loin and occasionally looses his topline on the move. 3rd Conniford’s Frontrunner Emerald Sky

Open Dog 1st Petrie’s Bilnetts Von Damme Headed what was a super class of dogs. A lovely dog with a good head and expression super front assembly and bone with excellent spring of rib, short strong loin, super topline which he kept moving and standing correct croup and turn of stifle. Moved soundly and with great drive CC which I was told was his second and BOB.
2nd Nolchini’s LinsdownUtah of Nolmacdon, lovely head and expression, excellent front assembly, bone and feet, excellent topline which he kept standing and moving lovely hindquarters and a great mover. Very little separated these two dogs both worthy of top honours Res CC.
3rd Gardener’s Danalas Nomad.

Veteran Dog 1st Bedford’s Ch. Overend Commander at Lorrainford. A truly lovely typey dog and a very worthy champion. Pleasing head and expression excellent front topline and turn of stifle, excellent body very sound. At 8 years looked fabulous and gave the younger dogs a good run for their money. 2nd Shilling’s Stanmillis Dax Voyager. Pleasing head, good front and feet, I liked his body and topline a very sound mover. Another lovely veteran.

Judge Monica Boggia Black


As a founder member of the U.K Club, I was very honoured to be asked to judge at their 25th anniversary show. My thanks to my efficient and patient stewards. Thank-you also to the exhibitors for your acceptance of my placing.

Dogs were judged as seen on the day; another time the line up could be totally different. The only criticism I have, is that some of the dogs, looked as though they could do with more food, they were very narrow and consequently did not look very happy.

With co-judge’s agreement BIS- Bilnetts Van Damme; RBS-Linsdown Utah of Nolmasdon; BOS- CH. Danalas Nikita; BPS – Lornaville Black Pearl; BV – CH. Viola Rivianna of Folklaw at Ollywin.

Puppy Bitch (10 – 3 abs) 1st Binden’s Silver Cassia. A B\T bitch of good proportions and size. Nice dark eye and lovely expression. Well-placed ears, which she used to her advantage. Topline correct, into a well-moulded croup. Movement strong and true, very mature for her age of 11mths. BPB. 2nd Petrie’s Bilnetts Sapphire. Another lovely puppy of 10mths, very dark and well coated. Lovely head and dark eye. Looked superb in stance, nicely coupled. Moved very soundly, with a slight roll over croup, still very much a baby. Will watch her future career in showing. 3rd Pucknell’s Winter Reflection.

Junior Bitch (8 – 2 abs) 1st Carpenter’s Forgedoak Miss Marples. A 12mths old bitch, only just out of puppy. A good head, neck and lay of shoulder, good height at withers and nice tight feet. Very good angulation. Well coated and in good condition. Moved soundly. 2nd Binden’s Silver Cassia. 3rd Whiteside’s Jojoba Baileys Dream.

Novice Bitch (5) 1st Binden’s Jasueter Silver Cassia. 2nd Broadmayes’ Extra Edition. A really lovely bitch of 17mths. Very dark and attractive, you could not mistake her for anything but a bitch. Good head, dark eye. Sound in body, flowing gait with a good hind thrust. . A little bit more height on withers would have completed the picture. 3rd Whiteside’s Jojoba Baileys Dream.

Yearling Bitch (5) 1st Nolcini’s Nolmacdon Moonlight Bay. A b\t bitch of 20mths A lovely bitch who showed herself well. A good front and undercarriage, gently sloping topline into a well moulded croup. Side gait a joy to watch, it seemed no effort was required to flow round the ring. Should benefit with maturity. 2nd Bedford’s Lorrianford Simply The Best. A smaller boned sable bitch of 20mths.Good construction. Shoulders and hindquarters excellent, movement steady and flowing. Would have liked a little bit more of show presence. 3rd Charlton & Power’s Mikadene Pride of Elmsall.

Postgraduate Bitch (14 - 5abs)
1st Pucknell’s Norwulf Gold Lilly at Nellinka. Black and tan bitch of 18mths. A good-sized bitch, with a pleasing picture in stance. Head and ear carriage correct. Backline nicely sloping into a well moulded croup. Nothing overdone or exaggerated. Movement , steady and sound, with a balanced side gait. A very nice picture of a GSD. 2nd Forman’s Suzdans Heavens on Fire. A smaller build than 1st, but held her own. Another day places could be switched At 3.1/2 years, she had a maturity which, gives a more settled picture. Everything was in proportion. Good front, head with nice dark eye and kind expression. Nice level topline, held shape on move, which was steady and balanced. 3rd Palmer’s Forgedoak Simply Red.

Limit Bitch (16 – 7abs) 1st Nolcini’s Meejeedi National Velvet of Nolmasdon. A really lovely feminine bitch, just what you would expect from this breeding. At 4years of age, she is coming to her peak of maturity. Very compact, gives a really lovely picture to treasure. Good head, with dark eye, sweet expression. A very good front and undercarriage tight feet, good coat and feathering.
Movement strong and effortless. RCC. 2nd Baker’s Martinez Xylia. Another nice quality bitch of 5 years. Black and tan, slightly lighter in colour than 1st. Nice reach of neck, good front, backline and rear angles. Moved soundly making good use of the large ring. Kept her topline throughout movement. 3rd Shaw’s Starlight Dynamite at Astradine.

Open Bitch (9 – 4 abs) Gardener’s Ch Danalas Nikita. A true champion. Top size bitch of nearly 4 years. Looked lovely in stance. Feminine head, alert expression. Good reach of neck, correct front and topline, nice angles fore and aft. Good hind thrust, which propelled her around the ring with ease. BCC and BOS. 2nd Folksman’s Lots of Love at Folklaw. A much smaller than 1st, but nonetheless, everything in the right proportions. Compact and neat. Correct head, and ear carriage. Sound mover with an even ground covering gait. Liked her. 3rd Shaw’s Starlight Dynamite at Astradine.

Veteran Bitch (4) 1st Winstone’s Ch Viola Rivianna of Folklaw at Ollywin. It is lovely to see the older dogs about and still showing. Black and gold nearly 8years old, but did not look it. She showed herself to perfection. Good head, height at withers and backline, well moulded croup. Moved with ease and purpose, a worthy 1st. 2nd Dolman’s Caranian Raindrop. Same age as 1st . A very pretty bitch. Much lighter in colour, and slightly longer than 1st. Very feminine head, lovely expression, with dark eye. Good feet, topline and croup. Excellent side gait and overall movement. 3rd Bignell’s Broadmaynes Quality Fayre.

Judge Mrs Cynthia Bampton


Anyone wishing to join the Club, to support our aims of promoting the traditional Alsatian,
should contact the Secretary, Miss J Hassall on 01302 751743
who will arrange for a membership form to be issued with breed information.