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Protest at treatment of Spanish Galgos

A LEADING Greyhound charity had called upon British dog owners to protest to the President of Spain over the cruelty inflicted on native Galgos, the Spanish equivalent of Greyhounds.

Helen Stevens of South Devon Greyhound Action told OUR DOGS: "We have received a communication from one of our supporters at Las Nieves Animal Protection group in Madrid who sent us some very disturbing pictures of Spanish Galgos who have been tortured and abused.
One photograph shows a Galgo that had been hanged by its owner.

"We would be very grateful if your readers would e-mail the Spanish President, Jose Luis Zapatero below to express their disgust at the way Spanish people treat their native Galgos."

Many dogs have also been found dumped in Spanish wells and although there is a law to close all disused wells in Spain, it seems that this is not the case.

Stevens adds: "Please ask the President to do all he can to close all disused wells to prevent the dumping and intentional murder of these poor Galgos. Perhaps you might also add that you will boycott Spain until they do something about this horrific cruelty to innocent animals."

*Please e-mail President Jose Luis Zapatero via website:

* See also Las Nieves Animal Protection website for an English language explanation of the Galgo situation: