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UK pet census report published

A NATIONAL Pet Census, published this week by The Blue Cross pet charity reveals that women are more likely to own a pet than men and a quarter of them allow their pets to sleep with them in the bedroom.

A fifth of female pet owners, 22%, say the reason they got their pet was for companionship and love. And while we may claim to be a nation of animal lovers, our relationships with our pets could all depend on where we live.

Regional findings reveal that Londoners are the least pet friendly, with 35 per cent owning a pet, compared with 58% in the South West, the most pet friendly region. East Anglians are least likely to get sentimental over their pets, with only 16% getting their pets for love and companionship, compared with nearly three in ten Scottish owners, the highest scoring region.

Other results indicate that the majority of pets are given human names and the main concern for owners is their pets' weight. Just under half of the population own a pet and that cat and dog ownership is level, with 22 per cent of owners questioned owning cats and another 22%, dogs.

Bizarrely, five people questioned said they knew they owned a pet but didn't know what species it was!