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Epileptic dog finds new home

A new home has been found for an epileptic dog whose owners had to give him up because of his illness.

Shayde, a three-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, is the newest resident at Dovetail House in Mansfield, Notts, a home for people with brain injuries.

Shayde used to live in Spain but the sun brought on his fits and he had to return to England. His new owners say he is a wonderful dog and he has not had a single fit since settling into his new home.

Maggie Webster, Shayde's new owner, said the residents loved their new pet and they did not mind paying the £200 a month needed for his medicine.

"He is a Christmas present to us. He's big enough to be made Santa Claus at Christmas so he can hand out the presents on Christmas Day. The only thing now is that he snores really loudly"