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Rottweiler survives fatal crash in BC

A ROTTWEILER miraculously survived a car crash in which his owner died on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Zack, a Rottweiler cross, spent two and a half weeks wandering before turning up at a residence in Pritchard, miles from where Sylvia Hamper, 59, died in south central British Columbia on Dec. 1.
A man saw the cold, emaciated dog and carried him indoors, Mrs Hamper's daughter, Kimberley Gardiner, said on Tuesday.

"He had stopped at the end of the driveway," Gardiner said. "We're not sure why, but he might have smelled my sister's scent on the fence because she'd leaned over the fence to talk to the gentleman."

She said she and her sister searched in vain for Zack after the accident. The dog is expected to survive but may lose partial use of his back legs, a veterinarian said.

"He is eating but he needs to eat a lot more," Gardiner said. "He's just all bones and skin, and after he's a bit better my sister's coming up from the coast and she will be taking him to live with her and her dog."