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'Good Citizens reap responsible rewards'
The 8th Annual Kennel Club GCS Awards

(l-r) Jen Hargreave (Solihull Dog Training Club), Ronnie Irving. (Chairman of the Kennel Club), Marcia Smith (SDTC), Lisa Bassett (SDTC)


On Friday 21st January 2005, the Kennel Club hosted its annual Good Citizen Dog Scheme (GCDS) Awards, where Clubs and local authorities are officially recognised for their efforts in promoting responsible dog ownership and co-ordinating Good Citizen Training Courses throughout 2004.

This was the 8th GCDS Annual Awards that the Kennel Club has held within the Scheme’s 13-year history and the awards recognise the efforts of organisations nationwide that have invested their time and energy into educating both dogs and their owners to the joys of responsible dog ownership.

Over 70 entries throughout the country were submitted, and the judges were very impressed by both the quality of entries and dedication of the dog training clubs and local authorities.

Bill Hardaway, KC Vice Chairman & Chairman of the GCDS Working Party, explained "2004 has been a fantastic year for the GCDS and has seen the largest growth of participants since the Scheme started in 1992. A total of 20,866 Puppy Foundation, 80,433 Bronze, 17,680 Silver and 7,361 Gold passes culminated into a total of 31,798 Good Citizen certificates being awarded, which is an increase of 12,486 certificates on 2003. The GCDS is the largest dog training programme in the UK promoting responsible dog ownership and by staging the awards we can show our appreciation to the Clubs that work so hard to ensure the protection of the dogs role in our society."

The winners:

Category A (KC Registered Club)
Winner Solihull Dog Training Club (West Mids); 2 Runner Up Nuneaton Dog Training Club (Warwickshire); 3 Runner Up Lichfield & District DTS (Staffordshire)
Category B (KC GCDS Listed Status Club/Organisation)
Winner South Staffs Dog Training (West Midlands); 2nd Runner Up Aricia Dog Training (Shropshire); 3rd Runner Up Benefit Dog Training (Staffordshire)
Category C (Local Councils / Adult Education Centre / Agricultural College / Armed Forces Training Club)
Winner Rossendale Borough Council (Lancashire); Runner Up Burnley Borough Council (Lancashire)
Category D (KC Registered Breed / General Canine / Ringcraft Club)
Winner Midland Border Terrier Club (Leicestershire); 2 Runner Up Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Of (National) Great Britain
Overall Winner: Solihull Dog Training Club

(l-r) Lisa Bassett (SDTC), Marcia Smith (SDTC), Jen Hargreave (SDTC) with their dogs