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Obituary - Mr John Willmot

The death of John Willmot on January 16th, at the age of 94, severed a unique link with Birmingham Dog Show Ltd’s past. Few others can have served one society for over seventy years.

He was still at school when he helped at his first National Dog Show. Then at the age of nineteen he was elected to the committee. Thereafter he was successively Treasurer (1934 – 1962), Chairman (1962 – 1982) and President (1982 – 2000). He was part of what might be termed a ‘dog show dynasty’; his father was, also, successively Treasurer and Chairman before the Second World War and his grandfather was involved with the society in the nineteenth century.

His service to the ‘National’ was all the more unusual in that he had no other direct involvement with the canine world. Yet his contribution to this society was considerable. He provided wise and reasoned counsel and set high standards of behaviour. In later years, he and his late wife, Vi, were always welcome visitors to our shows. I personally always enjoyed meeting them. It was always hard to think that this gentleman, who was always very interested in what was happening in the 1990s had attended shows in the 1920s.

There was a private family cremation followed by a Thanksgiving at St. George’s Church, Edgbaston.

Ruth Barbour
Chairman, Birmingham Dog Show Ltd