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Charity Internet auction raises over $22,000 for Greyhounds

The 2005 annual Winter Auction scored a major victory for greyhound adoption efforts throughout North America. The charity auction designed as a fund raising effort, collected over $22,000 in donations for greyhound adoption efforts from February 4-8th. The 2005
Winter Auction event, sponsored by Hevener Farms, was comprised of the charity auction as well as a full-service livestock auction. is the largest international online marketplace
for the greyhound racing industry with over 5,500 active members and
over 300,000 archived messages. The founders provide the opportunity
for Internet users to connect with other greyhound owners, trainers,
breeders, enthusiasts and greyhound adoption services worldwide.

GlobalGreyhounds LTD. American co-founder, Wendy Hamilton, said, "This
event keeps growing at an exponential rate which I find absolutely
amazing. The proceeds have doubled since last Summer's auction with
vendors from around the world donating everything from computers to
greyhound stud services. These auctions really show the overwhelming
support for greyhound adoption and the popularity of the breed."

The donations were large for some groups including Candy Beck's group,
a chapter of the nationally recognized Greyhound Pets of America.

Candy's "New Mexico Greyhound Connection" was the recipient of over
$2,000 in donations. She was grateful for the support. "A big thank
you to all those involved in the charity auction--both those who
donated and those who choose to bid. It is wonderful to see racing and
adoption working together for the good of the dogs.These donations
will go along way to helping our group with Vet bills. We pledge to do
all in our power to continue with our mission to find loving,
responsible homes for Greyhounds."

There was a large offering of gifts and greyhound supplies in the
auction including: statues, artwork, clothing, jewelry, collars,
leashes, computers, books, videos, newspaper and magazine
subscriptions, and even all-expense paid dinners at several greyhound
tracks across the country. The proceeds from the gifts totaled $5,428
and the proceeds from the donated stud services topped $16,803.

Skip Potter, a first-time vendor was very pleased with the results.
"This was my first year donating to the Global Greyhounds Auction. It
is wonderful to see that everyone involved in the life of a Greyhound
coming together to raise money for Greyhound Adoption. Greyhounds love
to race, and they love to get families after they retire. It warms my
heart to see racing and adoption working together."

Auction access was free to the Internet public through the website. The lots are listed in a user-friendly
format similar to other major online auction websites.

The GlobalGreyhounds Charity Auctions are scheduled as an annual event
and can be found at