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New advisors for Dog Theft Action

THE NEW lobby group, Dog Theft Action, which was set up to make the Government and police forces taken the growing trend of dog theft seriously has announced its latest developments, including the appointment of a number of special advisors – two of whom are leading OUR DOGS writers.

DTA Co-ordinator Margaret Nawrockyi told OUR DOGS that the DTA’s new website – is in the final stages of completion and will be on line shortly.

Nawrockyi said: "One of the most frequently asked questions we get from dog owners who have had a dog stolen is ‘What can I do?’ The website will be a source of information where the victims of dog theft can obtain the facts they need and suggestions as to how to implement the knowledge they gain."

The DTA’s website information can also inform owners about relevant pieces of legislation that apply to their own private search, whilst they can also participate in the DTA’s own initiatives.

"We can encourage them to unite with others so that our message is clear and strong," adds Nawrockyi "They will be able to contact us with any details they might like to share with others. The site will be regularly updated with relevant issues."

One of Nawrockyi’s current tasks is writing to MPs about the lack of interest in this serious law and order matter. "I wrote to Ben Bradshaw, the DEFRA Minister at the end of November, but he has yet to reply," she says. "Could his lack of response to my letter – not even an acknowledgement – indicate the level of apathy within central and local government that seems to greet us when we mention dog theft? I wonder."

Nawrockyi then listed the new advisors to the DTA and made an appeal for further help form anyone who feels they can offer it: The panel so far consists of Nick Mays – chief reporter Our Dogs Newspaper, Robert Killick – columnist for Our Dogs Newspaper and Dogs Today magazine, Trevor Cooper, the well-known lawyer specialising in dog related issues and Brian Milligan - dog warden Tunbridge and Malling Borough Council.

"This week we welcome Ian Cawsey – Labour MP for Brigg and Goole and member of the Pets Advisory Committee to this illustrious list who has recently agreed to become an advisor. We are keen to welcome advisors onto our existing panel of professionals who can provide experience and expertise when the need arises," she added.

"We can confirm that the DTA will be at CRUFTS 2005 outside the entrance to the main arena. We appreciate that many people use different entrances for specific purposes, so we would ask them to spare a few minutes of their time to come and meet us.

"We would also like to thank the organisations, establishments and individuals who have contacted us with messages of support and encouragement."

Margaret Nawrockyi can be contacted at:


Tel: 01652-688089