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Prince Charles to hunt in France

PRINCE CHARLES is planning to continue his passion for hunting in France when (or if) the Hunting Ban comes into effect in the UK.

According to a report in last weekend’s Sunday Express newspaper, the Prince is keen to continue to hunt, but does not wish to be seen to break the law. The report, by Adam Helliker and Camilla Tominey, claims that Charles will be joined by his sons, Princes William and Harry, and other members of their local hunt, the Beaufort in what the French predict will be a ‘stampede’ of hunters from the UK after the hunting ban comes into force on February 18.

The report also ‘reveals’ what has been common knowledge all along in hunting circles and the specialist press that there are plans to establish more English hunts in France. Apparently, British hunters have ‘been inundating their French counterparts with queries’ about establishing hunts or joining existing French hunts.

As in the UK, hunting attracts up to 1.5 million followers of all social classes, many of them being fully involved and an integral part of the hunt, whether they follow on foot, bicycle or car.

The article also quotes Michael Sagar, editor of Hounds magazine, who said that funding is now being sought to expand the only English Foxhunt in France, the Pau Hunt, based in the Haute Pyrenees.