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Acupuncture saves dog’s life

A DOG crippled by arthritis to the extent that he could hardly walk has been saved thanks to the use of acupuncture.

A few months ago Chester the labrador could barely stagger to the front gate. The two-year-old was crippled by arthritis and his owner, Ann Blanshard, feared her dog would be on anti-inflammatory drugs for the rest of his life.

But Chester has made an extraordinary recovery thanks to acupuncture.
The ancient Chinese remedy of sticking tiny needles into key pressure points has transformed the life of the labrador, who now rolls over as soon as the homoeopathic vet calls.

Martin Randle is one of a handful of vets introducing acupuncture for pets in Britain. Mrs Blanshard, 45, a businesswoman from Knutsford, Cheshire, said of Chester: ‘He welcomes getting the needles because he knows it will help to keep the pain and stiffness of his arthritis at bay.

‘Afterwards he is like a different dog. It is fantastic to see him like this after feeling so helpless when we saw him limping around before.’

Dr Randle found that Chester had elbow dysplasia, a form of arthritis which is incurable without complicated surgery and he suggested acupuncture as an alternative to drugs.

‘Chester had a preliminary course of intensive treatment and now has a session just once a month,’ said Mrs Blanshard.

‘Martin is Chester's favourite vet. He always gets an ecstatic welcome when he arrives because Chester seems to realise that the needles will do him good.’