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New course offered by UKRCB

AS INCREASING numbers of people seem interested in a career in canine behavioural modification but can’t always get the right information on personal skills, study and experience required for this, the UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists has just brought out a special new advice guide ‘So You Want to be a Canine Behaviourist?’, available on their website,

The website also carries the new criteria for affiliation to the UKRCB. This aims to make it a lot easier for students to crate their own ladder of achievement in terms of knowledge and experience, progressing towards becoming suitably qualified to achieve full membership.

Due to the confusing numbers of canine behaviour courses currently available, the UKRCB suggested to Compass, a non-profit-making distance learning college specialising in animal-related subjects, that they should provide an advanced accredited course in canine behaviour.

The resulting distance learning course, Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management (ADipCBM) is designed to be the definitive academic course on canine behavioural management for those who cannot afford the time or money to go to university.

Information about Compass is available