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Police investigate stolen Stafford

Police were called at 7.30 am on the Sunday morning, after the owner discovered that Tara had been taken from a secure kennel which she shared with her son, who was not stolen. The kennel had been padlocked but this had been cut off and the thieves must have thrown Tara over two six foot gates to remove her from the property. Tara’s owner, Jacqui Little said that the police were initially unhelpful but are now taking the matter seriously after being notified that Tara’s story will be reported in OUR DOGS.

There has been a sighting of her in Hull, although she has now believed to have been moved to the Louth area in Lincolnshire. The police are now investigating the matter in both areas and have good leads as to where Tara might be held.

Almost unbelievably, the thieves attempted to break into Jacqui’s kennels again on the night of Saturday, January 1st, but were disturbed in the process by her 17 year-old daughter who was alone at the house. It is believed the thieves were attempting to steal Tara’s sibling. When Jacqui’s daughter telephoned her at work and alerted her to the break-in, she immediately called the police, but incredibly, the officer on duty did not see it as a priority to dispatch officers to the house, despite knowing that there were intruders attempting to break in and a young girl alone on the premises. In the event, the thieves left empty-handed, but an official complaint has now been logged with Jacqui’s local police force over their lack of response.

There is a reward offered for the dog’s safe return and no questions asked if she is returned in good health. Tara is microchipped and has a small tumour on her back in line with her spine.

Please contact Tara’s owner Jacqui Little if you have any information on 07950-521563, or either 07916-321947 or 07792-842181.