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Irish Kennel Club microchipping clarification

The question of microchipping dogs has been under consideration by the Irish Kennel Club for a number of years. The decision to microchip or tattoo has been the subject of much discussion. We now feel that the time is right to introduce microchipping as a requirement and have decided that from 1st January 2006 the Irish Kennel Club will require all puppies to be microchipped before application for registration can be considered.

The Irish Kennel Club is happy to announce a strategic partnership with the veterinary database “Animark” which was set up by Veterinary Surgeon John Costello in 1989 and supported by the I.V.A. and I.V.U. to cater for all breeds and species of animals. Mr. Costello who is acting as veterinary consultant to the Irish Kennel Club will oversee the scheme. After extensive research he has sourced top of the range microchips which meet with veterinary approval and is assembling a panel of veterinary surgeons and fully trained and insured implanters, located throughout the island of Ireland, capable of safely microchipping puppies from an early age at a cost of approximately €20 per puppy. This will include access to our new national web-based database so that the relevant authorities, charities and veterinary surgeons will be able to identify the owners of lost or strayed pets both pedigree and non-pedigree 24/7.

The new web-based database will also be linked to the international database PETMAXX and the European database EUROPETNET. With the new PET PASSPORT now in operation and more movement of animals between Europe and Ireland and even further afield this association with PETMAXX and EPN will be essential to locate lost animals. This innovation by the Irish Kennel Club will go a long way to reducing the number of irresponsible breeders and make it easier for the public to decide who is reputable and who is not. Anyone who sells an Irish Kennel Club registered puppy is identifiable and therefore accountable.

Wendy Jackson
PRO Irish Kennel Club