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Labradors missing..

A FIVE year old chocolate Labrador bitch has been missing for about eight weeks from the Blackley area of Manchester. Slaney is described as greying on her muzzle. Anyone with any information is asked to phone 0161 643 1234 or 01204 706545

Labrador George, was stolen from his home in North Hampshire in March of this year.

George is a four year old black Labrador with the ‘classic’ look of the breed; strongly built with a broad heavy set head. He suffers from Petit Mal Epilepsy and needs constant medication to control his seizures, this is a major concern to his devastated owner Caroline Merritt as he might not be getting the necessary mediation he needs.

On 20 Labrador Forums are having a ‘Get Together’ in Warwickshire, it would be wonderful to think that George will be present.

If you have any information on George please contact us through Lost Labs at or email Caroline at