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UK judges approved by FCI

Following a recent decision taken by the FCI, the following UK judges are now eligible to judge Best in Show competitions at FCI CACIB shows. Those listed in Section A on the list are also eligible to judge the Best in Group competitions at such shows for each of the 10 FCI Groups.

The FCI has also decided that the 15 judges listed in Sections A and B below are approved to judge all breeds recognised by the Kennel Club on its Breed Register (and those Imported Breed Register breed eligible for exhibition) at FCI International shows. This decision increases the previously agreed number of Kennel Club championship show judges approved for all UK breeds by the FCI.

Section A: Mrs B Banbury; Mrs L Cartledge; Mr E Hulme; Mrs F Somerfield; Mr T Thorn and Mrs Z Thorn-Andrews Section B: Mrs A Arch; Mr A Brace; Dr M Boggia Black; Mr F Kane; Mr J Kirk; Miss J Lanning; Mr M Quinney; Mrs M Spavin and Mr A Wight

The above FCI approval does not alter the existing approval process for such judges to award Kennel Club Challenge Certificates at UK Championship shows.