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A Call for applications to the Kennel Club health foundation fund

The Kennel Club Health Foundation Fund (KCHFF) was established a number of years ago to help breed clubs to sponsor research leading to the development of new DNA technologies for inherited diseases affecting their breed. To date, around £300,000 has been allocated to research projects.

Research proposals are now invited for the next round of funding. The deadline for new applications is Friday 29th October 2005. Proposals should be for research that will lead to the development of new DNA tools for tackling inherited disease in the dog, and should have the support of the appropriate breed club(s) or council, which will be expected to make some financial contribution towards the research. The concept is that money raised by the breed club(s) or council will be supplemented by the KCHFF to the necessary level, if the application is successful. The outcome of the applications will be announced at the beginning of January 2006.

Further information can be obtained from Dr Jeff Sampson, The Kennel Club, 1-5 Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London W1J 8AB. Telephone 020 7518 1068 or email
The KCHFF is part of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust and the Trustees are interested in receiving other research applications that relate to canine health and welfare, but that do not directly address the development of new DNA technology for understanding inherited disease in the dog.