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‘Reefer’ Matthews-Colombo

Wednesday 20th July 2005 marked a sad day for the Matthews-Colombo family of Stresa, Italy, as their beloved Alsatian, Reefer, passed away before his time.

From the moment he was spotted clamped onto his father's tail as a pup, David and Antonia had no hesitation in choosing the tenacious little Reefer to become the devoted companion of Max, the family Golden Retriever. Although initially sceptical, (much hiding under the car) Max soon warmed to Reefer, frequently making use of his ability to open the front door, with Reefer, in return, learning the arts of swimming and expert log-chewing from Max. This tranquil coexistence remained until the arrival of Lola, a miniature Basset Hound, who completed the triumvirate.

Never again was Reefer to be caught napping for he now had a permanent long, squat shadow following him around.

It is safe to say that Reefer's passion in life however, above food, water and fresh air, was balls. His heart would miss a beat at the mere suggestion that one of his numerous once-round and bouncy and now deflated and chewed balls would be kicked up the drive!

Above all though it was Reefer's loyalty to his family, his energy and boundless enthusiasm that will be remembered, for never could a dog be more cherished in life and missed in death.

Reefer, forever in our thoughts.

All our love, David, Antonia, Pinin, Dan, Dom and Polly x