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Sincere thanks to supporters of KAT

The Kathmandu Animal Trust (KAT), which is trying so hard to alleviate the suffering of dogs in Nepal, is grateful to Denise Barney and her team of helpers who raised £175, primarily from a tombola, held at the Cocker Spaniel Club’s Championship Show on July 17th. It is so good to know that even people outside the Tibetan breeds are also playing their part in helping this worthy cause.

Jill White (Gulgates Tibetan Terriers) is arranging a Sit/Stand/Down Stay and also a ‘Snail Race’ at Bretford Village Hall near Coventry on August 7th. This is being held at a ‘Fun Day’ organised by both Tibetan Terrier breed clubs and will follow the KC Good Citizens tests. However, dogs of all breeds are more than welcome. This part of the day’s events will commence at around 3pm, and there will also be snail racing with real live snails, each with a name. This is a novel way of raising a little extra cash for KAT and apparently it keeps the children thoroughly absorbed!

Jill White can be contacted (ideally 9am-10am) on 01263-733396 if you need to know more. She tells me that people don’t even have to go along to the Fun Day; they could easily do a sponsored stay at a training club, or even at home if they have a timer to prove what they’ve achieved.

If you would like more information about KAT, or have any ideas as to how more funds can be raised, Juliette Cunliffe (UK Co-ordinator) would be delighted to hear from you on 01691-610906, or via e-mail at