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Staffie’s ears cut off

A teenage dog-owner from Tottenham, North-East London, has been jailed for 42 days and banned from keeping any animal for 10 years after cutting off the ears of his five-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rocky.

Reportedly, Engin Karaaslan, 19, decided that his puppy’s ears needed a trim as one of them was left hanging off after Rocky was involved in a fight with another dog. Karaaslan then took a knife to the dog and removed a significant part of each ear.

Rocky has since been found a new home. Unfortunately, the suffering this Staffordshire Bull Terrier endured is only one case among thousands reported each year. Recent RSPCA figures show a 78% increase in the number of animals being subjected to appaling cruelty since June 2004, and in the last year alone, inspectors have had to rescue more than 70,000 animals whose basic needs for food, water and shelter were being ignored by their owners.

The charity is now urging for an Animal Welfare Act to be passed to ensure owners recognise their responsibilities and to make it an offence for them not to provide basic care.