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Animal Health & Welfare (Scotland) Bill
SKC Meeting - 30th May 2005

Chris Holmes, Vice Convener of The Scottish Kennel Club welcomed those attending this informal meeting before introducing Jean Fairlie who is the Parliamentary Liaison Officer for the Scottish Kennel Club.

This was an exciting venture to update members and owners/breeders of docked breeds in Scotland. The meeting was very well attended by 25 owners/breeders and could have lasted well into the night. The Scottish Kennel Club was indeed delighted that Graham Downing, Council of Docked Breeds was in attendance, Details of the new Draft Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Bill were explained in conjunction with the Consultation Paper and Draft Regulatory Impact Assessment. A short history of docking laws was presented along with arguments for and against a possible ban. Jean sincerely urged the members present to involve club members and friends with docked breeds that, in order to retain the "Freedom of Choice", visits to MSPs, written submissions to the Scottish Executive and the distribution of information was essential at this time in order that their individual breeds would remain. Several reports, written discussions, newspaper articles etc were presented to those who attended in order that factual, scientific evidence could be used as part of their responses. There are four consultation dates:-

1. 15th June 2005 - Inverness Thistle Hotel, Milburn Road, Inverness IV2 3TR at 7.30 p.m.
2. 16th June 2005 - Aberdeen Marriott Hotel, Overton Circle, Dyce, Aberdeen AB21 7AZ at 7.30 p.m.
3. 21st June 2005 - Glasgow Grosvenor Hotel, Grosvenor Terrace, Glasgow G12 OTA at 7.30 p.m. 4. 22nd June 2005 - Edinburgh Holiday Inn, Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh EH12 6UA at 7.30 p.m.

Responses should be directed to: Claire Hicks, Animal Health & Welfare (Scotland) Bill Team, Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department, Room 347, Pentland House, 47 Robb’s Loan, Edinburgh EH14 1TY

Unfortunately, time for consultation is rather short and all responses/submissions must be received at the above address by 4th July 2005 without fail.

After the presentation the floor was opened to those attending and general information and experiences were shared.

It is a sign of a good meeting when conversation, more cups of coffee last well after its conclusion.