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Dog saves pensioner’s life

A PET dog repaid its owner’s kindness in rescuing it by saving her life. The dog lay beside its owner for more than 18 hours to keep her alive after she fell and broke a hip in the garden of her remote cottage.

Grandmother Maureen Porter was too badly injured to move and no neighbours were near enough to hear her cries for help.

In danger of exposure in the night, Pedro, her 15-year-old Border Collie, cuddled up beside her to keep her warm and gently prodded her with his paw throughout the ordeal, which kept her conscious.

She was found the next morning by a shopkeeper alerted by her husband in London who was worried when she failed to answer the phone when he called her. Whilst his wife was recovering in hospital near her home outside Cardigan, west Wales, Mr Porter paid tribute to Pedro.

Mr Porter, 70, said: "Maureen had dirt under her finger nails from trying to move. It was very dark and cold throughout the night and she could hear owls and foxes. But Pedro made sure she was safe and warm."

He said it was fitting that Pedro rescued Mrs Porter because she had rescued him from a dog's home 10 years ago and probably saved him from being put to sleep as unwanted.

"This time it was Pedro's turn," he said. "He is a brilliant dog - and very loyal. We got him from a rescue centre 10 years ago and he follows Maureen everywhere. It would have been a different story if Pedro hadn't been there - he saved her life."

The village shopkeeper, Pat Milner, said it was hard to pull Pedro away from Mrs Porter as he did not want to leave her. "She was cold and unwell. I dread to think what would have happened but for him." said Mr Milner.

Pedro was rewarded for his act of heroism by being bought a big, juicy bone.