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Sanctuary crisis

The Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA), also known as the Peggy Henderson Animal Sanctuary, is appealing for donations to help it survive a current cash crisis.

The Manchester based shelter is the only rehoming centre in the borough of Trafford, the sanctuary takes in and rehomes unwanted cats, dogs and rabbits.

Over the past two and a half years however, the sanctuary has repeatedly been the target of thieves and vandals and as a result, has struggled to cover basic running costs. Over £48,000, has had to be spent in the past year alone to cover the cost of security. If cash cannot be raised quickly, the sanctuary will have to consider a stop on admissions. If you would like to help, please contact the SAA on 0161 973 5318, or send donations payable to SAA to: Society for Abandoned Animals, Mosley Acre Farm, Barfoot Bridge, Manchester M32 9UP.