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Buddy crosses the sea to find a new home

Dogs Trust Kenilworth will be receiving a special delivery of dogs this week and one very special boy in particular.

Over the last 18 months Dogs Trust centres across the Midlands have been receiving dogs from Assisi dog rescue in Northern Ireland to give them a better chance of finding a home, and to avoid the unnecessary destruction they might have faced if left. The latest delivery to Dogs Trust Kenilworth is an extra special one as it includes the 1000th dog to be transferred.

Buddy is an 18 month old Labrador who was left abandoned in a garden when his owner absconded from his rented accommodation. After a month of being cared for by the owner of the house Buddy was picked up by the local council and then passed to Assisi rescue.

Dogs Trust, the UK's largest dog welfare charity, often takes in dogs from Northern Ireland which has a greater number of stray dog destructions. Last year 10,783 dogs were found in the Province and 37% of these healthy dogs were destroyed simply because a home could not be found for them. The Midlands, meanwhile, had 16,598 stray dogs and destroyed only 4%.

Rosemary Glendinning of Assisi Rescue says: "It is great that animal welfare organisations across the UK are all working together to help get dogs homes and promote responsible dog ownership.

Buddy is a really friendly dog and deserves the love of a good home. We really are grateful to Dogs Trust, and work with them specifically because they never destroy a healthy dog."
Sandra Wilson, Dogs Trust Kenilworth Manager says:

"From what I have heard about Buddy he is a really happy, lovable dog full of life and with a lovely nature. The dogs that come over from Northern Ireland are not problem dogs but dogs that may well have not had a future if they had stayed there. We rehome these dogs very easily and are always happy to help other welfare organisations"

If you are interested in rehoming a rescue dog from Dogs Trust Kenilworth please call 01926 484398. All Dogs Trust dogs are neutered, microchipped, vet checked and come with six weeks free insurance.