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Moo-ve over Meg!

BEARDED COLLIE Meg (Ch.Bethlyntee Summer Breeze) comes from a line who over the years have worked the cattle on the farm belonging to Lynn Dumbrell, as well as having been shown with some success. Meg achieved her title (subject to KC approval) at the recent SKC show. All her challenge certificates have been under breed specialist judges. She is the first Bearded Collie bitch Champion to work livestock in a farming environment, the only other Bearded Collie Champion to do so was the dog Ch. Charncroft Cavalcade.

Meg will either be used for getting the cows in for milking in the morning or the afternoon as the Dumbrells tend to alternate between her and another of their bitches, Maddie. If other cattle have to be moved during the day they can call on either or both of them to lend a hand. Meg enjoys her work, but is also very happy asleep on the couch or going for walks with the rest of the Beardies. Meg is also not averse to giving the rabbits around the farm, a bit of exercise!