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Club committee actions questioned by members

THE RECENT AGM of the Scottish Dachshund Club was allegedly abandoned in disarray when members queried several actions of the Committee. The current committee, almost half of whom had been co-opted on after last year's AGM when the Secretary was ousted, had apparently not followed several of the constitutional requirements of election procedures.

Long standing members who expressed concern at the way the rules had been either ignored or misread were told that advice had been given by the SKC, though no written proof was provided for them. The committee had one space left and a fully paid up member had been proposed by the previous secretary and seconded within the time frame, yet on the day before the meeting she received a letter from the committee saying they could not allow her to stand since, as Treasurer of another Dachshund Club, there would be a conflict of interest. There is nothing in their constitution stating this and the lady asked the Kennel Club for a ruling. Though they replied to confirm there was no reason for her to be excluded (since many people hold positions on more than one club) she was still not allowed to join the committee.

Another allegedly unconstitutional move was made as none of the committee would retire and stand again for re-election. According to the constitution one quarter of the 16-strong committee, those who have stood for longest, should retire annually on a rotational basis but are immediately eligible for re-election. Those concerned members who pointed out this breach of the rules were allegedly told that the committee could not calculate which of them had stood the longest and, as a result, had decided that nobody would retire. Again it was stated that advice had been sought from the SKC on the matter some five months previously but nothing was presented in writing at the meeting.When members asked why they had not been in touch with the KC over this point, the Secretary explained that the KC could take quite a time to answer.

Notice of the AGM, though sent out 14 days prior, had allegedly not been received by several members which was understandably a point of concern as this had traditionally been a well respected and well established Breed Club in existence for over 100 years. Members had travelled from across Scotland and England to reach the meeting and those long term members were very concerned at the way the constitution and rules were being ignored and the fact that no written instructions or names of SKC advisors were available to the floor. There was lengthy discussion which resulted in some heated exchanges and the meeting was abandoned until further notice.