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Missing terrier reunited

After running astray on the M5 motorway in Gloucestershire for two days, Basil, a nine-year-old terrier, has finally been reunited with his owner Darren Reeves.

Basil, who disappeared from his owner’s home, was spotted 36 hours after he disappeared wandering along the central reservation of the motorway. Mr Reeves called the police after Basil failed to return home and notified him that a dog had been seen walking along the hard shoulder of the M5. In desperation, Mr Reeves took a drive along the motorway in the hope of finding Basil and was overjoyed to spot his wandering friend alive and well.

While police assistance created a rolling roadblock to slow traffic, Mr Reeves, a father of four, called Basil to his car and was amazed to see his dog look left and then right for oncoming traffic before jumping straight into the car beside him. Fortunately, after his solo adventure Basil has remained very close to Mr Reeves’ side and has shown no further desire to go missing from his home!