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New home sought for Border Collie charity

A LEADING Border Collie rescue charity is threatened with closure at the end of March unless a suitable new location can be found to house the dogs and many other animals currently being looked after there.

Wiccaweys Rescued Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs may not be as well known as larger charities such as the Dogs Trust or the RSPCA, but it does carry out vital rescue and rehoming work for these breeds that many other charities are simply not geared up to undertake, by providing the specialist help that these active dogs need.

If you've been to an agility show recently, one of Wiccaweys’ rehomed collies will have been competing. Wiccaweys specialises in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming Border Collies. Some have gone on to winning ways within agility circles, whilst others are beloved pets and companions. Minnie, another one of their rescued dogs is now a member of the Leicestershire Fire Service Search and Rescue Team. After her training is complete, Minnie will be travelling all over the world helping to save lives.

Now though, Wiccaweys needs help find a new home of their own. Wiccaweys is looking for a property with a little land, where the dogs can be exercised and housed, and most locations in England and Wales will be considered.

Even if the property needs some work, Sarah and Paul have plenty of supporters and volunteers who have offered help and assistance with decorating, and light renovation work. This would be a good opportunity for someone who has an empty rural property that needs renovation work carried out but might not have the funds to be able to do so.

The Wiccaweys team have had several good responses to their pleas for foster homes for their animals in case they don't find anywhere else before their tenancy runs out on their current home.

"We've really have been overwhelmed by the kindness and support offered to us," says Sarah. " Even our own dogs will have to go into foster homes until we can find somewhere suitable, and that thought really is heartbreaking."

Wiccaweys estimate that they've rescued and rehomed hundreds of Border Collies over the years, and want to continue this work to help hundreds more. If you can help them find new premises, contact Sarah or Paul on 07905 203254, or contact them through the website at