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Midland & West of England Great Dane Club

Photo by Alan V Walker
BIS at The Midland & West of England Great Dane Club Open show
was Mrs Perkins’s Clausentum Obsessed with Inarabic.
Res BIS Mr, Mrs & Miss Jacobs’s Devarro Have Becks Will Travel To Kazabbie
pictured here with BIS judge Mrs Ann Arch, judge of Blacks, Blues and Harlequins Mrs Sally Lewis, Mrs Cath Gilbert judge of fawns and brindles and the Show Manager Miss Judith Middleton

THE UNIQUE Colour Format open show is held every year by the Midland & West of England Great Dane Club, and this year’s bumper entry of 200 proved the popularity of this once a year event.

The Club first held the show in 1985, after committee members visited the continent and saw how the five colours were given their own separate classes. This quickly became popular with colour breeders, who have only mixed colour classes at all the other breed shows throughout the year.

As always, the show was as much a social gathering usual, with the inspired ‘coloured’ sweet - in brindle, black, harlequin, blue and fawn! The committee was, as ever, delighted with the entry, which makes some championship show entries look small!

The judges on the day were Ann Arch (BIS and combined colours); Sally Lewis (brindles and fawns) and Cath Gilbert (blues, blacks and harlequins).

Best in show went to Mrs C Perkins’ fawn dog Clausentum Obsessed with Inarabic; Res Best in show to Mr and Mrs P F and Miss P A Jacob’s brindle dog Devarro Have Becks will Travel to Kazabbie; Best Opposite Sex in show Mr and Mrs G Dashwood’s fawn bitch Lucerne Look at Me and Best Puppy in show to Mr and Mrs L and A Chappell’s fawn dog Selmalda Romeo.

Best Puppy in show was Mr & Mrs Chappell’s Selmalda Romeo
pictured here with BIS judge Mrs Ann Arch

Best in show

Witnessing the depth of quality competing in the separated colour classes was undoubtedly uplifting, for here were many exhibits who had such great depth of type and quality, compared to some that one sometimes sees at Championship level! The Club has been organising this well supported show, with no less than 65 classes, for the past 20 years, and the excellent entry is surely proof of the exhibitors’ appreciation.

Each of the five colours had no less than six classes for each of their sexes, concluding with the charity classes, Veteran, Brace and Team competitions for all. 193 exhibits made 244 entries, making for a busy day. The two breed judges sent forward for the final decisions a Best Dog, Best Bitch and Best Puppy. From my two Veteran classes came the overall winner, giving me some 11 exhibits from which to choose BIS, Res BIS and Best Opposite Sex in show, though there were but four from which to choose Best Puppy and Reserve.

BIS was the well grown, typy fawn male, Clausentum Obsessed with Anarabic. At just over three years, the first impression was of a return to the ‘old days’. Good head, neck and well placed forehand. Super strong bone, correct feet immediately attracted attention. The followed a nicelymatured body with good rib and brisket and strong loin. Powerful hindquarters with pleasing stifle and hock and carrying good muscle tone completed the picture.

After full examination his action confirmed his assessment by such easy ability to cover the ground well. Res BIS was the brindle, Devarro Have Becks Will Travel to Kazabbie. Not yet 2 years old but maturing well, of good size and soundness. Good head, neck, shoulder and feet. Nice body and topline, well formed rear to move with great ease. BOS in show went to Lucerne Look at Me, another fawn.

Still very young and with ample time for full maturity. At just 16 months she is certainly an exciting prospect. Lovely overall balance, construction and type. Another whose excellent construction showed in her super action. BPIS Selmalda Romeo. Still in Minor Puppy, but of good size and balance. Head coming on well with a nice neck, well placed shoulders and excellent feet. Good body proportions, firm loin and well formed rear. Moved and showed so well for his 7 months.

Res Best Puppy was Vanmore Tootsie. A very raw and loose brindle, who has pleaisng type and balance. In this slow maturing breed, this 7 month old youngster has so much going for her and promises well for the future. Charity Dog Class (17) 1 Yacanto Moon Warrior. Balanced brindle with good head development, strong neck and well placed shoulder. Good feet. Well formed body, good topline. Powerful rear. Gave easy, sound and true action. 2 Norsef the Main Man. Somewhat immature fawn and still to settle at times when moving.Head developing well. PLeased in neck and shoulder and with nice forechest. Still can come up on feet a little more. Body developing well.

Sound rear and easy action. 3 Alchera It Wasn’t Me. Charity Bitch class (11) 1 Norsef Lady of the Manor JW. Pleasingly headed fawn with nice neck and forehand. Good feet. Well ribbed and well held topline. Good stifle and hock. Easy and sound mover. 2 Ebornory Good As You at Cheney.

Harlequin of nice type. Sadly having a ‘phantom’ which has brought her some heavy body condition. Nevertheless her good type and construction couldn’t be ignored. Nice head development, strong neck and good forehand and feet. Well ribbed, sound rear. Moved with ease and precision. When she loses that excess body weight will surely do even better. 3 Sarawan Over the Moon. Vet D 1 Ch Dainoak Veni Vidi Vici. He did come, was seen, and conquered - to end up as Best Veteran in show.

This harlequin has a good head development, nice neck and most excellent shoulder. Good feet. Nice forechest, strong bone. Well bodied with strong bone. Good stifle and super muscle tone. Gave such easy, and the rarely seen, spring in his action. 2 Wysiwig at Galomax. Black with strong head. Perhaps not quite as reachy in neck. Clean front and good feet. Well ribbed. Sound rear and an easy mover. Vet B 1 Ch Janriche First Lady. Fawn with pleasing head and expression.

Good neck into well placed shoulder to give a clean front. Nice stifle and strong hock. Moved soundly and well. 2 Ledingdane Black Orchid. In very pleasing condition for her 9 years. With such good quarters and feet. Well ribbed. Moved easily and true and with such strength at the rear. 3 Latchcroft Ariadne at Alchera. Brace 1 Crouch’s. Well matched fawn litter brothers, who were really so alike. Nice heads, necks, shoulders and feet.

Good bodies, very sound rears. Moved in total unison to cover the ground well. Team 1 Crouch’s once more. Another fawn joined in to match up in type and unison. They were so good to watch and well deserved the applause. 2 Winyard’s trio of blues. Nice for size and type, but didn’t help their handler when it came to moving. My thanks to the officers and committee and last but not least the exhibitors for theirt dogs, for a very enjoyable day.

Ann Arch