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Police dog Jed follows his nose to catch a thief!

Jed is highly trained and can turn on or off at Adrian's slightest command

A car thief has been given a four-month jail sentence thanks to the nose of a Warwickshire Police dog.

Jed, one of the force's latest four-legged recruits, and his handler PC Adrian Langley, were travelling through Henley-in-Arden on their way back home when they came across a stolen vehicle. They pulled up alongside the Transit van, which had been stolen from Birmingham, but the driver got out and ran off. The 15-month-old German Shepherd tracked the thief through gardens and fields in Henley-in-Arden and found him hiding in a ditch.

Paul Hamilton, aged 36, of no fixed address, was arrested and appeared before Birmingham Magistrates Court on February 1, charged with taking a vehicle without consent, using a vehicle without insurance or test certificate and driving otherwise in accordance with a licence. He was sentenced to four months in prison.

Jed's nose has also been working overtime following a burglary and an armed robbery in Leamington.

On February 21 his powers of smell were called into action at a pawnbroker's in Regent Street where a burglary had taken place. He sniffed out a gold locket on the pavement 100 yards from the shop and a discarded jacket in some bushes, which could have been linked to the crime.

The crime-fighting duo went to Kentucky Fried Chicken in Shires Retail Park following an armed robbery. Jed quickly came up trumps when he led his handler to a number of money bags containing cash lying in the car park. Adrian said: "The fact that he was able to find it so quickly is amazing because the scent had become less strong with the amount of employees and their families on the scene. It just goes to show what a remarkable dog he is. I am really proud of him.

"He is wonderful to work with - he has lots of personality and lots of energy and his drive is just awesome. He is little but strong and very athletic. He is very gentle and when you give him work he just switches on, his nose just takes over. I am sure these are just the first of many successes for him."

Warwickshire Police is always on the look out for new dogs aged up to 18 months old that are full of energy with a strong retrieving instinct. The dogs are trained using praise and reward techniques and a good home is sought for them at the end of their working life.

If you have a dog you think may be suitable, please contact Phil Reddall or John Ward on 01926 415203 or by email to to find out more.