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Dogs Trust stalwart Chris triumphs to care for dogs

When Chris Eyre was offered a work experience placement at Dogs Trust Bridgend as part of his school course, little did he think that 15 years later he would still be there and be a full time member of staff.

Chris, now a full-time Canine Carer and Chief Dog Walker, always dreamt of being a policeman but being partially sighted those dreams were not possible. However, thanks to various organisations who help disabled people move into work such as Elite and Shaw Trust, he has been able to fulfil his passion of working with dogs.

Initially Chris volunteered at the centre until Elite offered to pay Chris a wage for working part-time. Before he knew it he was soon a well respected member of staff. When a full time position was available Chris, with the help of The Shaw Trust, was offered and accepted the position.

Without the help of all these organisations Chris would have found it difficult finding paid work in other areas because of his disabilities.

Chris says, "I love working with the dogs and wouldn't have stayed so long if I didn't. Every day is different and it is great to see the dogs that you have helped go to new homes."

Beverley Price, Dogs Trust Bridgend Rehoming Centre Manager says,
"Chris is irreplaceable; he is willing to help everyone with everything. He really puts himself out for the dogs. He once spent six months working with a very distressed Staffy called Scooby, taking him out for walks in all weathers, he wouldn't give up on him and everyone was delighted when Scooby got a home."

Not only is Chris a lifesaver when it comes to the dogs but he also recently helped comfort a member of staff and very distressed driver when the member of staff was run over chasing a fleeing dog. For this he was commended by Dogs Trust Chief Executive, Clarissa Baldwin.