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Princess Michael of Kent ‘to hunt in France’

PRINCESS MICHAEL of Kent, sometimes known as ‘Princess Pushy’ by other members of the Royal Family, may have caused new embarrassment to the Royals by declaring that she may leave Britain and that life is "too boring now foxhunting is banned".

The Princess’s move could come in four years’ time when she and her husband, Prince Michael, the Queen’s cousin, who is President of the Kennel Club and who is not on the Civil List, lose their subsidised apartment in Kensington Palace, where they pay £69 a week rent.

Their 17th-century Gloucestershire home, Nether Lypiatt Manor, near Stroud, which they bought in 1981 for £300,000, would fetch about £4.5 million on the open market if they were to sell.

Quoted in the French magazine Gala, the 60-year-old Princess said: "We’ve saved this house, and this house has saved us from London life. But now that foxhunting is banned, I’m afraid that I’ll be bored here. I would love to head towards the sun."

She then went on to refer to the largely unspoilt Luberon region of Provence as her destination of choice.

The Princess added: "France is my intellectual paradise. My wish is to revive the past from where we came."

With the demise of foxhunting — the Princess used to ride with the Beaufort Hunt — she has been putting all her efforts into her twin passions of gardening and decorating.

As previously reported, many British foxhunters who are unhappy with the new method of hunting by flushing a fox to guns have headed to Pau, southwest France, where a celebrated British hunt has been revived.

Speaking about the foxhunting ban earlier this year, Princess Michael said:

"I cannot grasp that this old English tradition can be forbidden . . . Is the Government really concerned about hunting or is it really class warfare?"