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Kennel Club Annual Report online

The Kennel Club Annual Report is now available online at

The Kennel Club represents all dogs and, through the Annual Report, demonstrates the ways in which it achieves its primary objective, ‘to promote in every way the general improvement of dogs’.

The Annual Report contains information on the many different activities and services that the Kennel Club has been involved in throughout the past year, and this year’s report places particular emphasis on the Kennel Club’s work to support its recognition of the importance of canine health and welfare. The report demonstrates how the Kennel Club continues to be actively involved in a wide range of projects which aim to promote the advancement of education and science by furthering research into canine diseases and hereditary disorders of dogs.

If you would like to see a copy of the Kennel Club Annual Report and find out how the Kennel Club is standing up for the rights of dogs, log on to, where the report can be downloaded straight from the home page.