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Liverpool football star stops hunt using his land

TOP LIVERPOOL footballer Djibril Cissé, who recently bought a £2 million manor house in Cheshire, has banned hunting on his new estate.

The French striker, who inherited the title Lord of the Manor of Frodsham when he purchased the nine acres in the village of Frodsham, also inherited part of the route of the Cheshire Forest Hunt.

The title, which dates back to the Domesday Book, was included in the sale of Ridge Manor by the previous owner, Raymond Longster, who let the hunt use his land.

But following an appeal from anti-hunt campaigners, the new lord of the manor has refused access. Cissé told news reporters: "I will not permit hunting on my land."

Wanda Wyporska, of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "He has set a fantastic example and we would ask all landowners to follow his lead."

The Hunting Act, which came into force in February, outlaws foxhunting, but foxes can still be flushed out by hounds and then shot.