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Precious pets made homeless for new arrivals

The Blue Cross, Britain’s pet charity is urging expectant parents to include their family pet in the preparations for the arrival of a baby, as many animals are unnecessarily given up when a baby arrives.

Many new parents worry about the hygiene and safety implications of having a pet and a new baby in the same house, others worry that it will be too time consuming caring for both. Sadly, loyal family pets are often given to animal rehoming centres, and yet, with the correct information, parents can make sure pets and babies can happily co-exist.

The Blue Cross head of animal behaviour, Julie Bedford, said “The key to keeping your family pet after the arrival of a baby is preparation. There are simple techniques that keep your baby safe and your pet feeling loved, resulting in keeping a pet which a growing child can bond and have a unique relationship with.”

With many people left distraught feeling they have no choice but to rehome their pet after a baby is born, The Blue Cross has produced a leaflet entitled ‘ Your dog and your new baby’ which aims to show new parents how to include their pet in the family changes, and successfully keep the animals with the family.

The new leaflet gives advice on things to do before and after the birth so pets feel calm and accepting, and parents can relax knowing their baby can have their full attention. Tips on safety, training and hygiene are all included for comprehensive advice on how pets and babies can live together in harmony.