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Breeds threatened by European convention have their say

At a meeting held earlier this week, breeds threatened by the European Convention first mooted in 2001 had a chance to have their say and make public their approach to health related issues and the amplification of Kennel Club breed standards.

High profile speakers representing the Chow Chow, Pekingese, Clumber Spaniel and the Bulldog had the chance to impress on the media, vets, charity representatives and DEFRA officials the progress they had made in tackling some of the health related issues often raised in criticisms.

Chaired by Dr Ruth Barbour, chairman of the KC Breed Standards & Stud Book Committee, the KC view was also strongly emphasised by chairman Mr Ronnie Irving and the judges’ corner was ably covered by Judges’ Sub Committee vice chairman Mrs Ferelith Somerfield.

Consultant Editor Mr Bill Moores was there for OUR DOGS and his full report will appear next week.