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Terrified dog dies after bolting from firework noise

A terrified dog was hit by two cars and killed after she bolted in panic from the noise of two rockets.

Mabel, a 14-month-old Jack Russell, was being walked on Towan beach, Newquay, at about 6pm on Thursday 27 October 2005 when the fireworks were set off in a park on nearby cliffs.

Devastated owner Claire Patterson (26), of Treloggan Road, Newquay, is backing the RSPCA's call for louder fireworks to be banned.

She said: "It's terrible. I was walking Mabel and my other Jack Russell, Travis, on the beach in daylight when the fireworks went off without warning. Both dogs bolted from the noise, but I managed to catch Travis. Mabel ran so fast I couldn't get to her in time and she ran towards the town and into the road. She was hit by two cars and was killed.

"Mabel was a very playful dog and full of character - I miss her so much. I hope what has happened to her will help persuade the Government to act."