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Canine Partners ‘clean up’ with Bayer donation

Canine Partner puppies, Labradoodle Yarra and Goldie Xyla checking out the bins!

Bayer Animal Health - makers of the market leading wormer Drontal - are supporting leading assistance dog charity Canine Partners by providing four dog waste bins and 1,000 poop bags for its dog training centre in Midhurst.

The waste bins, which are situated around the different paddock exercise areas at the centre, aim to encourage responsible pet ownership amongst visitors to the charity as well as keeping the centre itself clean. The bags are being used by both the centre and the volunteer foster families who help train and home the puppies in the first year of their lives.

Canine Partners specialises in teaching dogs the skills needed to assist people living with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, MS and spinal injuries. A Canine Partner can make their lives easier – responding to around one hundred commands such as opening and shutting doors, emptying the washing machine, retrieving important items, assisting with supermarket shopping and stabilising during wheelchair transfers – which in turn gives those living with disability much greater independence.

In addition, the dogs can carry out a range of emergency response procedures and provide ongoing physiological, psychological and social benefits that help keep people healthy and happy.

Drontal Product Manager, Sabrina Stroud said: “We fully support the extensive work undertaken by Canine Partners to train these amazing dogs and help transform the lives of disabled people.

However, there is a wider message - that the wellbeing and happiness of pets and their owners depends on good training and good healthcare. Being a responsible pet owner is not only about clearing up an animal’s waste but making sure dogs are wormed at least every three months.”

Karen O'Donoghue, Canine Partners Corporate and Trust Manager, added: “Bayer has been a great support and providing us with this donation helps build the relationship between them and our charity. Responsible pet ownership is a key message as our aim is to provide healthy highly trained assistance dogs, to people living with disabilities, enabling them to enjoy an enhanced lifestyle.”

Bayer Animal Health aims to further develop its relationship with Canine Partners and its Drontal brand in the New Year.