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The British Sieger 2005 - report by John Ward

After many years of meetings between members of the WUSV UK Working Party (The British association for German Shepherd Dogs and the German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain) as well as the Breed Council, the first British Sieger Event took place on Sunday 23rd October 2005. The venue was Hallam University Cricket Ground, Tinsley, Sheffield.

The work involved to organise such an event is colossal and during the year many individuals, especially the Chairman, Andrew Winfrow, have spent a lot of their time working hard in order to make this special day a success. As with all shows you need sponsorship and the major sponsor was Arden Grange and also Moncaster Wire Products. The trophies, prize money, sashes, rosettes, laurel wreaths etc came from the sponsorship of many individuals and their kennels enabling a range of trophies for every dog exhibited on the day.

Event secretary was the hard working Sheila Rankin BC, assisted by Jeanne Green and Carol Lister, Sec of the GSDL. These ladies all worked very hard throughout the day and kept things running as smooth as possible, together with the help of the hard working stewards and officials. Brigid Fahy Newlands was the Event Manager and really had her work cut out, but she coped very well as you would expect with her normal charm and smiles and all went well. The souvenir catalogue, an A4 sized publication consisted of 72 pages and was quite ambitious. It not only contained the classification but also adverts and some interesting articles on the breed.

Our judges for the day were Herr Scheerer (Huhnegrab) Adult Males and Youth Females. Herr Reinhardt Meyer (Bergmannshof) Adult Males and Youth Females. Herr Hans Karl (Dribirkenzwinger) Young Male and Young Females. Brian Wooton and Gloria Rambridge Judged the Puppy Classes. Percy Elliott selected the best Kennel Group.

The entry was 228 of which there were 77 absent. At this point I would like to mention that this year there were no requirements for a working qualification or test in the Adult classes. This might not be the case next year. Something for us all to ponder for 2006! Many exhibitors arrived during the early hours and when I arrived at 7.00am I was met by Davy Hall who had intended to get some sort of order in the car park to ease the anticipated congestion later in the day. He was caught out with some of the early birds but managed to get some sort of sequence with the cars and vans parking to avoid problems later in the day. Refreshments were next on the list and as the exhibitors arrived they made their way to the club house which was getting very busy. It remained so all day and the catering is something that needs to be looked at in the future to accommodate the large attendance of exhibitors and spectators.

Site and ring plans were now being handed out to exhibitors, and bibs and catalogues were being collected from the secretary in the tent which also held all the excellent trophies. Very soon the evaluation of the Puppies was taking place and the show was under way. The 3 T’s Tent was set up to deal with the Teeth, Testicles, and Tattoos (or Microchips) was now in full operation and on the presentation of your dog’s details were checked by officials Wayne Vessy, Bob Kinsley, and Steve Foran. After you had checked in you were given a ticket with the recorded details to present to your respective judge. During the proceedings through the day you were told when to report and have your individual evaluation, this was in one of the rings provided for this purpose, after which you could return your dog to your vehicle to await the announcement of your class.

When the judging commenced your class was called to the main much larger ring where most if not all the Spectators, Exhibitors and Owners were now assembled in one place. This really added to the atmosphere and excitement of witnessing this historic event, a first in the history of the German Shepherd in the UK!

First Class of the day:

Minor Puppy Female 6-9mths, judge Mr B.Wooton. 22 entries ( 3 absent) 15 Very Promising, 4 Promising.

Class Winner "JUPAALA ROMINA AT TYEGLEN Sire: Ch Daro of Anseong- Jupaala India. "A very good medium sized typey female with a good future."
Minor Puppy Male 6-9 mths judge Mrs G Rambridge 15 entries (5 absent) 6VP, 4P.
Class Winner "LARATH SONNY" Sire: Ch Lararth Houdini-Ch Lararth Ayesha.
"Another good youngster last time shown a Best Puppy winner at Bolton GSD Club. Litter sister was second in MP female class."

Puppy Female 9-12mths Judge Mrs G Rambridge 9 entries (2 absent) 7VP.
Class Winner " STARHOPE QUALLI" Sire: Quiro v Deutscherren Hof -- Gayvilles Eva at Starhope. "A good female who is very promising with I predict a bright future."
Puppy Male 9-12mths Judge Mr Brian Wooton 10 entries (2 absent) 7VP,1Insuff.
Class Winner "KORZWIN WALLACE ASHMARAI" Sire:Ch Daro of Anseong-Korzwin Yolli
Litter brother to 2nd in Puppy Female, what a result two really good ones from the Korzwin kennels.

GUN TEST now taking place from the start of Young Females.
Young Female 12-18mths Judge Herr Hanns Karl .30 entries (9 absent) 21SG.
Young Siegerin "VIDEX PATZI" Sire: Immo mons Tabor -Quinte von der Vallendarer Hohe. First time shown and led the class throughout, another good one for the Videx kennels.

Young Male 12-18mths, judge Herr Hans Karl. 16entries (6absent) 9SG, 1G
Young Sieger "SUDCHESHIRE AUSSIE " Sire: Norbert von Vierhhundert Hertz- Irka Wiesenborn. "A lot to like about this male very good proportions and very well presented."
Youth Female 18-24 mths, judge Herr H Scheerer. 18 entries (8 absent) 10SG.
Youth Siegerin "LARARTH DIZNEY" Sire: Ch Lararth Houdini- Lararth Eleisha "Having a good year so far and a good win for this successful kennel."

Youth Male 18-24 mths, judge Herr R Meyer. 12 entries (2 absent) 10SG.
Youth Sieger " GAYVILLES RONALDO" Sire: Larus vom Batu-Ch Gayvilles Italia."Beat some good males in this class, really likes the big ring and looked every bit the winner."

Adult Female 24mths + Judge Herr R Meyer. 50 entries (21 absent) 28V, 1 SG
Adult Siegerin "BABETTE v. LOUWERSHOEVE" Sire: Emor v Schimmelberg-Xitte van`t Paulushof.
Owned by Isabel Anderson and Fiona Worrall, from Belgium. A top class female, pulled out 3rd soon went to the front, led the class from then on looked the part never put a foot wrong. A beautiful female owned by a very successful kennel who also took the V2 and V3 positions in this class.

Adult Male 24 mths & judge Herr H Scheerer 46 entries (19 absent) 26 V,1SG.
Adult Sieger "ELAN v.d. HERDERSKRING" Sire: Romeo v Pallas Athene - Quelle v.d.Herderskring, owned by Paul Bradley and Mr C van der Post, UK Champion, V9 Sieger Show 2004, and a top winner in Europe. Led the class from start to finish, looked in super condition, expertly handled, an excellent performance in all phases of the competition a worthy Sieger.

The Kennel Groups were now judged by Mr Percy Elliott (Vikkas) a most appropriate choice for our first Sieger Event, a man whose dedication to the breed is second to none. The Winners were Gayvilles, followed by Nikonis, and then Lararth, Lindanvale & Korzwin.

All over by 6.00pm and ready to face the 7 hour journey home, was it a success? Yes it was! This ambitious venture has now paved the way for an annual event and already September is being suggested for next year. There are a few things that need to be sorted out but I am sure that the commitment and enthusiasm that exist, will ensure that we overcome any hurdles and we will secure a good future for this Annual Event and the German Shepherd Dog in the UK.

Well done to everyone involved.