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Bella Moss at Discover Dogs

l to r: Jill Moss pictured with Tracy, Robert and Tony of Quistel, who kindly donated
a stand at Discover Dogs to the Bella Moss Foundation

MRSA IN pets attracted further public awareness when the Bella Moss Foundation attended the Discover Dogs event held at Earls Court by The Kennel Club on November 12th and 13th. Jill Moss, President and Founder of The Foundation was there as a guest of Quistel, one of the Foundation’s corporate supporters.

"It was a very generous offer from Quistel," said Jill Moss, "The support and encouragement they have given us, as well as their enthusiasm in tackling the issue of MRSA in companion animals, have been major factors in our work. I am very grateful for all they are doing for us."

The event was an opportunity to raise awareness on MRSA in pets, and one that Moss wanted to take full advantage of.

"I lost count of the number of people who stopped to say that they had been following the Foundation’s work," added Moss, "and the response was truly amazing. All of the breed clubs that I spoke to will be putting news of the Foundation in their newsletters so as to get the message out to even more people, and that is where the information needs to go."

The Foundation also received very positive responses from the Animal Welfare Trust, The Blue Cross and The Kennel Club, three organisations that take leading roles in animal welfare and husbandry. "I was able to talk the Animal Welfare Trust about our plans for research," said Moss, "and the Blue Cross are interested in involving us in their nurse training programme. These were organisations that didn’t know much about the Foundation so the opportunity to tell them of our work was too important to miss."

But Moss didn’t leave the event empty-handed. "Melissa and Doug of Showworld make stuffed cuddly toys," she said, "They very generously donated a large Husky for us to raffle, which drew a few comments when we went for a drink afterwards. We’re calling it Juno, after the capital of Alaska, and hope to raffle it at fundraising event in North London in the next few weeks. The company has also offered to make a Samoyed for the Foundation, which would be wonderful."

Jill Moss pointed out that the event had been very productive for the Foundation, and that it had been personally rewarding to hear so many people talk about understanding MRSA in animals and saying how the dog magazines and newspapers have really helped them clarify the whole subject. "For me," said Moss, "Bella’s story will always be a source of sadness, but to hear how it has made a difference to other people shows me how important it is to tell my story to the world."

The Bella Moss Foundation plans to be at Crufts next year to continue the sterling work that it has undertaken this year and continue to raise awareness of this most worrying of pet diseases.