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NGA Group judge training seminar planned

The National Gundog Association, working under the auspices of the KC together with breed clubs, is organising breed specific seminars for prospective Gundog Group Judges, under the Judges Development Panel initiative.

The second two-day seminar of the three year progressive package of learning will take place at the Canine Academy, Tollerton, Nottingham on Wednesday 23rd November 2005 and Thursday 24th November 2005. The first Day Mrs Valerie Foss will cover Golden Retrievers, Mrs B Phillips will cover Flatcoated Retrievers. On the second day Mrs Carole Coode will cover Labrador Retrievers and Mr Hayden Phillips will cover Curly Coated Retrievers.

Requirements and information for the course:

Candidates will be expected to have a thorough working knowledge of the pertinent breed standard and have a working knowledge of canine anatomy and the dynamics of movement.

The tutorials will be based on a Post Graduate/University style with considerable ‘hands on’ opportunity. The main emphasis will be placed on the understanding of breed type.

You will be required to write critiques in a detailed manner for each particular breed.

Awards will be made and a certificate will be issued when the required standards have been achieved.

The number of places available will be restricted with those who have already started the course having priority, no more than fifteen candidates will be accepted.

Prospective candidates entitled to apply for the courses should:

Already have judged BIS, the Gundog Group

already judged another Group and who have awarded CC’s in at least two of the Gundog Group breeds.

Award CC’s in at least three breeds within the Gundog Group and

Preferably not reached 65 years of age.

Have the necessary time to devote to the preparation work involved prior to the seminar.
The cost of the two day seminar will be £70 per person. This will include all refreshment and pre-course literature. This does not cover the cost of accommodation.

Candidates who qualify and who wish to attend only one or more of the breeds covered during the two day seminar may also apply, this will be charged at £25.00 per breed session.

If prospective candidates fail to attend the costs of the seminars are not refundable.

The closing date for enrolment is 1st November 2005. Please make cheques payable to the National Gundog Association. Please give details of your qualification to attend. i.e Have awarded BIS show, the Gundog Group, I have already awarded CC’s in German wires, English setters and Vizlas, etc.

Return this portion to Chris Bexon – 34C Carsic Lane, Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire NG17 2AX Telephone number 01623 551109 by 1st November 2005