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US author supports Bella Moss Foundation on World Animal Day

A TOP American author is to donate royalties from her latest book towards the work of the MRSA in pets campaign charity, the Bella Moss Foundation.

Nani Linder has pledged support to The Bella Moss Foundation by donating a day’s royalties from her book ‘Trial By Fire: A True Story of Hope’ to the Foundation.

Linder’s book is billed as a story of tragedy and triumph. In 1983, Linder suffered an extreme allergic reaction to medication for exposure to TB, which permanently damaged her nervous and autoimmune systems. ‘Trial by Fire’ is a riveting account of her struggle and emphasises the power of the human spirit over adversity.

Linder told OUR DOGS: "Today I personally appeal to all of humanity to take the time to read of this looming threat from a courageous woman named Jill Moss who is determined to turn tragedy into awareness and support scientific research for the cure of this disease called MRSA. While her appeal is a direct one for pets, this shall also benefit humans because shining the light on this serious Staph infection keeps human medical caregivers alert and scientists vigilant."

Linder has arranged that all of the royalties received from the sales of her book on World Animal Day, Tuesday, October 4th to go directly to The Foundation.

Jill Moss, President of The Foundation said, "Oct. 4, 2005, is WORLD ANIMAL DAY and The Bella Moss Foundation will host a fundraiser for the serious problem of MRSA in pets.

"This is a straight up appeal; no advertising, no offers of freebies, no one will contact you to buy their stuff. The author is not on any list for best-seller gain. Only The Foundation will gain, but the long-term benefits will include all humanity.

"The bonus is pets shall gain if all of us unite and spend a little to make headway against MRSA. This is a humanitarian appeal sent worldwide by the Bella Moss Foundation."

World Animal Day was started in 1931 at a convention of ecologists in Florence to highlight the plight of endangered species. Since then it has grown to encompass all kinds of animal life and is celebrated throughout the world by animal welfare organisations, conservation groups, schools, places of worship and individuals.

In 2003 UK animal welfare group Naturewatch took the unusual step of sponsoring a website devoted to the day (, where anyone interested in using the day to spread awareness of animal welfare issues can post details of their event free of charge.

Moss added "We have no idea how many people will buy this book, but the more that do, the more we can raise for our work. I think it’s also important that people know this is an exceptionally good book and real source of inspiration."

l Nani Aki Linder’s book, ‘Trial By Fire: A True Story of Hope’ is available at for £12.95, all of which will go to the Bella Moss Foundation. Alternatively, contact can be made directly with the publishers by fax through their website.