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Wanted: GSD with attitude!

A search is under way to sign up four-legged recruits to a police force. Cleveland Police's dog section were disappointed to find that one of its dogs was found to be not suitable for police work, despite intensive training.

The force is now looking for a German Shepherd aged between one and two which can be trained to join the 18 dogs currently in the section. The dog would need to be bold, outgoing and confident and would immediately be taken on a training course.

Pc Colin Skelton said: "It is very difficult to find the right dog with the qualities we are looking for. Our usual sources have completely dried up but hopefully some members of the public will be able to help us out.

"It may well be people have dogs they are finding hard to control or animals that have too much energy for them. They are the ones that could be ideal for us."

The successful dog will be allocated to a police handler and live with them.