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Poodle found abandoned

A DOG found abandoned by a member of the public in an "disgusting and appalling" is believed to be a Poodle.

The animal, found in Cornwall, was in such a state that experts had difficulty identifying the sex or breed of the dog.

Caradon District Council's senior animal welfare officer said the dog's owner must be found.”I don't have the words to express just how awful this case is. We think the dog is a poodle, but it's hard to be sure because her fur is completely encrusted. Her coat is so matted with excrement that she can't open her eyes properly and one of her ears is basically glued to her head.

Ms Taylor believes the grey coloured bitch has been locked up and left to sit in its own faeces.

The animal welfare office said the dog would have to be completely shaved by a vet before being properly examined to determine how bad her condition is. Welfare officer Jon Lane has appealed to the public for help in tracing the dog's owners. He said people could contact the council or the RSPCA in confidence.