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Vivien Phillips
- A New Advisor For DTA

Dog Theft Action was delighted to welcome so many advisors to the symposium on Saturday 1st October. We particularly appreciated this support at our first event. We also appreciated the fact that so many organisations within the canine world attended the event.

Sadly, Our Dogs columnist and DTA advisor Robert Killick was unable to attend due to the ill health of his wife – we very much hope that Mrs Killick is feeling better and we send our best wishes to Robert and Jo. We were delighted that solicitor Trevor Cooper and PC Duncan Askew agreed to join our speakers and DTA co-ordinators for the lively debate at the end of the morning session.

Our audience drew from varied aspects of dogdom. Representatives from the KC and PetLog, RSPCA, PDSA, GDBA, NDWA, Pet ID and the media joined several dog wardens, rescue and welfare staff, members of Hertfordshire police and also Hertfordshire Neighbourhood Watch, victims of dog theft and concerned dog owners.

During the course of the day breeder and show judge Vivien Phillips responded warmly to an invitation to become a DTA advisor. After the symposium she said;

"I went home [from the symposium] and was greeted as usual by my scruffy hounds with their muddy paws and warm tongues. I realised why I live amongst dogs and how happy I am to act as yet another advisor to Dog Theft Action.

"DTA works with its sister organisation Doglost UK on various agendas, including changing current police procedures of stolen dog reporting and trying to encourage effective co-operation between various agencies involved in the reunification of missing /stolen dogs making information available nationwide. Finally ensuring, through the identification of stray dogs and posting of photos and posters on the swift reunification of dogs and their distraught owners."

Dog Theft Action is delighted to welcome Vivien to the advisory panel. We appreciate that she is extremely busy and that she already makes a huge contribution to the canine world so we applaud her decision to share her experiences of dog theft with owners all over the country and look forward to working with her in the future.

As the symposium concluded and our visitors departed in every direction we were acutely aware of the enormity of the task before us. However we felt as though we had taken a huge step forward by holding the only symposium to focus on dog theft in the UK. We also felt that support for this campaign had grown substantially. We recognised everyone has a part to play if we are to achieve our aims and objectives - that we can’t off-load responsibility onto one organisation or another.

The information we obtained from our speakers and from our audience and will form part of the agenda for the ‘Summit’ - the meeting between DTA personnel and representatives of the major organisations in the canine world, planned for November, which will be held at the Kennel Club on 15th November 2005.

Margaret Nawrockyi DTA Co-ordinator 01652 688089