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Wood Green seek help for injured dog

Wood Green Animal Shelters are urgently appealing for help after an injured dog was brought into the shelter last night.

At 5pm on Monday 17 October an 18 month old terrier was brought into the shelter after being involved in a road traffic accident in Hardwick leaving him with numerous injuries. Dodger as he has been named by Wood Green staff suffered a double fracture to his back leg, a dislocated hip and a fractured pelvis.

Wood Green is desperate to locate Dodger’s owners who must be extremely worried;
unfortunately the animal welfare charity needs to refer Dodger to an orthopaedic specialist which will cost in excess of £1,000. Although he has been seen by the vets at the charity's headquarters he will require specialist surgery to correct his injuries.

Emma Pannell, Senior Animal Carer at Wood Green Animal Shelters said, "Despite his injuries, Dodger has been as good as gold. He has a wonderful temperament and although he must be in extreme pain he has been quite a happy chap since he came in last night."

If you have any information about Dodger or feel that you can help Wood Green towards the cost of his treatment please contact Wood Green on 08701 90 40 90.