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An important announcement for the visitors of Amsterdam Winner Show 2005

In connection with the 115th anniversary of the Royal Dutch Kennel Club “Cynophilia”, the organisers of Winner 2005 not only want the exhibitors to share in this celebration, but also its visitors.

On the occasion of the anniversary every 1000th visitor will be offered a gift. These gifts can be picked up during the Winner event at 14:00 at the Cynophilia stand in the Europahal by submitting an entrance ticket indicating the type of present that it entitles.

Below is an overview of the gifts we are offering:

1000th visitor Dog basket

2000th visitor Fleece blanket

3000th visitor Grooming set

4000th visitor Weekend trip for 1 to Crufts

5000th visitor Dog toy

6000th visitor Grooming set

7000th visitor Bench

8000th visitor Brush & comb set

9000th visitor Frontline

10000th visitor Grooming set

11000th visitor Bench

12000th visitor Dog basket

13000th visitor Weekend trip for 1 to Crufts

14000th visitor Fleece blanket

15000th visitor Water bowl/ food bowl

16000th visitor Grooming set

17000th visitor Frontline

18000th visitor Brush & comb set

19000th visitor Grooming set

The Crufts trips are courtesy of Tripraadgeverij Van den Berg.

This offer is also made possible by our sponsors and exhibitors.

Visit the Winner event and have a chance to win these lovely gifts.